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Web Scraping without Getting Blocked: 5 Common Reasons You're Blocked and How to Avoid Them

Being blocked for seemingly no reason while web scraping can be frustrating. Here are five common reasons you may have been blocked and how to get around it.

Web Scraping with Playwright in Python

Gathering large amounts of data from websites manually is inefficient and unfeasible but you can use appropriate tools to help you. Let's learn how to use Playwright in Python to scrape websites!

Web Scraping with Selenium in Python

Selenium is often used for automating web applications for testing purposes but it is not what all it does. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Selenium for web scraping.

How to Auto-Fill Forms with Data from a CSV File in Python Using Browserbear

Filling in numerous web forms manually lacks efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. Let’s learn how to fix this by doing it automatically, using data from a CSV file with Python and Browserbear.

XPath Cheat Sheet: A Quick Reference to Essential XPath Expressions

While XPath expressions are incredibly useful to locate an HTML element, it can be challenging to accurately navigate through complex and nested HTML/XML structures. If you’re struggling with writing XPath expressions, use this cheat sheet to prepare them effortlessly.

How to Use cURL in Python (with Examples)

Using cURL in Python provides developers with a powerful combination of versatility and functionality for data transfer tasks. By leveraging the PycURL library, you can seamlessly incorporate cURL into your existing Python projects.

Playwright vs. Cypress: Selecting the Ideal Automated Testing Tool for Your Web Project

Not sure which automated testing tool you should use for your web application? Consider these two that are used by tens of thousands of developers around the world.

Everything You Need to Know About the XPath Contains() Function

XPath functions allow you to perform various operations on XML or HTML documents by providing additional capabilities for selecting, manipulating, and extracting values from the document's nodes. There are over 20 XPath functions available and here’s one you must know.

How to Automate Login with Browserbear

Automating tasks that require logging in could be a hassle, adding more work on top of the original task, but don’t let it stop you. This article demonstrates how to log in to a website easily using Browserbear so that you can run automation on websites that need user authentication.

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