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Use Browserbear to easily capture the job listing data that you need including fields such as job title, salary, location, description and more.

Browserbear's task editor is a drag and drop web scraping / browser automation tool that can automate complex scraping jobs with no coding required.s

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    "title": "Hospitality Architect",
    "seniority": "Direct",
    "salary": 145000,
    "city": "Port Alisia",
    "state": "Illinois",
    "company": "Cormier, Jakubowski and Collier and Sons"
    "title": "Marketing Consultant",
    "seniority": "District",
    "salary": 130000,
    "city": "Port Bridgett",
    "state": "South Carolina",
    "company": "Gutkowski, Torp and Gottlieb Group"
    "title": "Direct Agent",
    "seniority": "National",
    "salary": 263000,
    "city": "Dustyhaven",
    "state": "New Hampshire",
    "company": "Wilkinson-Gleason Group"

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