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How to Scrape Your Latest TripAdvisor Reviews (+ Autogenerate Images!)

Extracting and storing TripAdvisor reviews saves time and resources for hotels, restaurants, and more. Here's how to automate the process without code.

Airtable vs Notion Zapier Integrations: A Comparison Guide

If you're using Zapier to automate your workflows, you need to choose apps that integrate well with it. Here's how Airtable and Notion match up.

A Nocoder’s Guide to Formatting Scraped Data in Browser Automation

When automating browser tasks without code, you often need to format data to fit your needs. Here's how to do it with databases, Zapier, and Browserbear.

How to Build a Personal Job Listings Aggregator (No Code)

Save time looking for relevant job listings by automating the search process and bringing options to you! Here's how to automate an aggregator with no code.

How to Scrape Lists with Browserbear (A No Code Guide)

Some web scraping situations may call for grouping list items together in a field. Here are some tips for setting up nocode list scraping tasks with Browserbear.

How to Automatically Send Structured Data to Airtable

Scraped data should be stored in an easily accessible place so you can use it for other workflows. Here's how to automatically send your data to Airtable.

How to Create Automated Web App Login Tests with No Code

Web app testing is more efficient when it's automated and set up with no code tools. Here's how to set up a test run using Browserbear, Zapier, and Airtable.

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