Browser Automation

Create time-saving automated tasks with Browserbear and run them in the cloud

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Automation Actions

Automate these common browser actions and create unique automated tasks


Navigate to any webpage and wait for it to load


Click any link, button or other element on the page

Save Structured Data

Save specific data on the page into a JSON array

Solve Captcha

Solve a reCaptcha or hCaptcha challenge


Check if an element exists or contains a specific text


Download a file and store it in the cloud


Select an item from a dropdown

Enter Text

Type some text into an input box on the page

Go To Step

Create loops by going back to a previous action

Hit Enter

Hit the enter key to submit a form etc


Login to a website using a set of secure credentials

Obscure Screen

Hide the contents of the current page


Paste the contents of the clipboard

Remove Modal

Remove modals on the page e.g. cookie popups

Resize Window

Resize the window to any size from mobile to desktop

Save Attribute

Save any attribute of any element on the page

Save Html

Save the HTML of the current page to the cloud

Save Image

Grab the img src or background image of an element

Save Text

Save any text on the page to a variable

Save Window Location

Save the current page url into a variable


Scroll up or down the page by a specific amount

Scroll Into View

Scroll until a specific element is in view

Scroll To Bottom

Scroll to the bottom of the current page

Scroll To Top

Scroll to the top of the current page

Set Cookie

Set a custom browser cookie e.g. session cookie

Submit Form

Submit a form on the current page

Take Screenshot

Take a screenshot of the current page

Unobscure Screen

Unhide the contents of the current page


Wait on a webpage for a specific amount of time

Wait For Selector

Wait for an element to appear on the page

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